in Essentials … Unity

in Non-Essentials … Liberty

in All Things … Charity


119TH STATED MEETING (September 25-26, 2020)


The Presbytery of the East will conduct its 119th Stated Meeting via Zoom on September 25 and 26, 2020. The POTE meeting will consist of the following elements:



4:00 PM Presbytery Convenes (via Zoom)
Call to Order                                                                                              Moderator TE John Dorr
Welcome and Opening Prayer                                                                             Moderator Dorr

 No Roll Call of Registered Teaching Elders and Ruling

Elder Commissioners – Check-in Via Registration Sheet                                Moderator Dorr

 Declaration of Quorum (TE 2/RE 4/Churches 3)                                                  Moderator Dorr

 Motion:                                                                                                            Moderator Dorr
Suspend POTE Bylaws for the 119th Stated Meeting, specifically applicable to Article IV, Section 6, Paragraph f, to allow for this Stated Meeting, examination of candidates for ordination, examination of pastors for receipt or transfer for ordination or installation, approval of terms of call/administrative commission, examination of candidates to come under care of the Presbytery, and examination of churches.

 Welcome                                                                                                          Moderator Dorr
(Only essential business will be conducted)

Instruction for Zoom Meeting Participants                                                       TE Paul Bammel

Approve Docket                                                                                                           Moderator Dorr

Review of Voting Procedures                                                                           Moderator Dorr
(Provided in detail via email or in DropBox for the meeting) 

*Moderator Dorr turns meeting over to Past Moderator

 Report of the Executive Council                                                                      Moderator Dorr

  • Meetings and Actions of the Executive Council (essential business only)

Past Moderator turns meeting back to Moderator Dorr

 Report of the Ministerial Committee                                                                TE Jay Lee

  • Examination(s) For Ordination:
    • David Frerichs
    • Tim Latham
  • Examination(s) of Candidates (to come) under Care:
    • David Reihner
    • Ron Woods (depending on the time on Friday, this examination

may be done on Saturday)

  • Omnibus Motions

5:55 PM Recess & Close in Prayer                                                                   Moderator Dorr

 6;00 – 6:30 pm and 7:30 – 8:30 pm – Social Gathering &

Breakout Sessions                                                                                           TE Ken Buck



Return from Recess                                                                                         Moderator Dorr

Open With Prayer                                                                                             TBD

Report of the Stated Clerk                                                                               TE Ron Meyer

  • Approve Minutes of the 117th Stated Meeting
  • Approve POTE endorsement of TE Marcos Ortega to the

EPC’s World Outreach Committee.

Report of Stewardship Team                                                                           RE Bob Tongue

  • Approve 2021 POTE Budget (the budget is placed in the

DropBox for the meeting)

Resource Team                                                                                                TE Matt Blazer

  • Approve slate of officers, team and committee members

(the slate of nominees is placed in the DropBox for the meeting)

Report of the Church Development Team                                                        TE Andrew Smith

  • Harrison Presbyterian Church:  To amend prior motion for date/time of Service of Worship, Ordination, and Installation of the pastor and church and the composition of the Administrative Commission.
  • Two Step with Ministerial Committee (for churches and pastors)              TE Lee & TE Smith
    • Pastors:  Dissolve current pastoral relationships, approve calls/terms of call, and approve administrative commissions.
    • New Local POTE Churches:
      • Approve establishment of new local POTE churches resulting from church plants by Resurrection Brooklyn EPC.  (Refer to the video provided to TE and RE Commissioners in advance of the meeting.)
      • Approve Service of Worship, Ordination, and Installation of the churches and pastors.

 Report of the Ministerial Committee (continued)                                             TE Jay Lee

  • Examination(s) For Ordination/Installation:
    • Chris Fantuzzo
    • Wesley Grubb
    • Tim Chiarot
  • Examination(s) of Candidates under Care:
    • Ron Woods (if not examined on Friday)
    • Omnibus Motions

 CLOSING PRAYER                                                                                           TBD

1:30 PM (approximate)   Motion to adjourn