Process for submitting and reading minutes:

  • There is a rotating annual schedule by which each church submits its minutes. The schedule lists each of three Presbytery meetings per year when a church is due to submit its minutes. This is posted on the POTE website under “Minutes Schedule”.
  • When minutes are submitted, particular churches and mission churches submit all of the minutes approved by the church session up until that date. This does not necessarily equate to a calendar year of minutes.
  • Out of respect for the important, bound book of church minutes that is the history of each church, do not bring that bound book to Presbytery meetings to avoid any damage to the originals of the minutes. Submit paper copies by mail or bring them physically to the POTE meetings at which they are due, or send them by FAX or email. Receipt of minutes by email makes review much easier.
  • The Session Records SubTeam will respond by either approving them or not approving them. They can’t be approved if they have not been submitted–they don’t exist, or there are exceptions.
  • Exceptions. The Session Records SubTeam must receive responses to Exceptions from a church by the Session correcting the minutes or a statement of understanding of the exception and how the minutes will be corrected in the future.
  • Notations. No response is required. Church must make note of the SubtTams Notations and not repeat the problem.
  • When minutes are approved, the Session Records SubTeam will issue a sticker saying they are “Approved”. The sticker must be placed in the official minutes book at the end of the section that has been approved.
  • There are general guidelines available for each church that needs help and can be obtained by sending an email to TE Helen Franssell at

If there are questions by specific churches, contact TE Franssell during a meeting or by email follow up.