Resource Team (6 REs and 6 TEs)
TE Matt Blazer, Chairman

Class TE/RE Name Church/Org Email Address Telephone #
TE 20 TE Matt Blazer, Chairman Covenant EPC 860-480-7174
TE 20 TE (Vacancy)
RE 20 RE Sue Ann Jacobs Evangelical Pres. Church of Milford 570-296-8152
RE 20 RE Larry Godley Oreland EPC 215-361-2665
TE 21 TE Roger Spence Retired/Active 215-233-2385
TE 21 TE (Vacancy)
RE 21 RE James McClelland Faith EPC 703-971-7381
RE 21 (RE Vacancy)
TE 22 (TE Vacancy)
TE 22 (TE Vacancy)
RE 22 (RE Vacancy)
RE 22 (RE Vacancy)


Subteam Responsibilities:
Pastor for Friday Evening Worship Service (in coordination with host church): TE Matt Blazer
Session Records Review: Subteam Responsibilities: RE Larry Godley